A story of sheer passion & love for Indian Cuisine

A Story of sheer passion & love for Indian Cuisine*

A great admiration for Indian Food & Culture it carries along, Chef Aravind held his passion for Food for years & established a career along the same..
He trained and worked for some of the most prestigious group of Hotels in India & Australia

As a graduate from the Institute of Hotel Management, Hyderabad, he began his career at one of the most renowned group of Hotels in India, The Taj. Ever since then there has been no looking back. He has proved his mettle in all departments, from Chef De Partie, Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Corporate Chef Commercial Kitchen Designing, Brand Building, to becoming a proud founder of Simply Indian by Aravind, he has come a long way in a short time to fulfill his lifelong dream..

Cooking is my kind of Happiness. My culinary style, inspired by India’s rich heritage, is clean, simple and ingredient based. It is deeply rooted in tradition and travel experiences broadened my cultural perspectives. A deep sense of satisfaction prevails when customers visit us often to catch up with their friends and family. At Simply Indian, we serve Happiness in mouth-watering ways…