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Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee any of our dishes as “dairy / nuts free”. Please let us know in advance if you have any type of allergies or follow any strong religious beliefs. We try our best to respect all of our customers, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the requirements.

Dosa Se Dosti

South Indian Versatile savoury crepe made with Rice & Lentils. All Dosa’s served with Chutneys & Sambar.

Plain (or) Ghee (Clarified Butter)

$   6.99
Onion (or) Egg (or) Cheese (or) Podi (Lentil Powder)

$   8.99
Potato Masala (or) Paneer

$   12.99
Chicken (or) Lamb

$  12.99
Mysore Masala...

Choice of stuffing with freshly pounded spice powder

Potato Masala / Paneer / Chicken / Lamb

$  13.99
Sandwich Dosa…

Choice of stuffing spread in between two Indian pancakes

Potato Masala / Paneer / Chicken / Lamb

$  14.99
Spring Roll Dosa 4pc...

Choice of dosa rolled & cut in 4pc

Potato Masala / Paneer / Chicken / Lamb

$  14.99
Pizza Dosa Uthappam...

Thick pancake topped with cumin, freshly chopped veggies & cheese (optional)

$  14.99
Mumbai Style... Jini Dosa...

Crepe spread with buttery spiced mashed potato & cheese

$  14.99
Special Rava Dosa…

Crispy crepe made of rice & semolina, fresh veggies

Veg / Non Veg

$   16.99
Baahubali Dosa…

Bigg longgg crepe with fillings

Veg / Non Veg

$ 16.99

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