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Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee any of our dishes as “dairy / nuts free”. Please let us know in advance if you have any type of allergies or follow any strong religious beliefs. We try our best to respect all of our customers, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the requirements.

Desi Chinese… Happitizer’s

65… Style… Dry...

Special yoghurt sauce made of fresh curry leaves & aromatic spices

Veg / Gobi / Paneer / Egg / Chicken / Prawns / Fish

Crispy Style... Salt & Pepper… Dry...

Veg / Lamb / Prawns / Fish

Manchurian Style... Dry (or) Wet

Soya based sauce made with a tingle of fresh ginger & garlic

Veg balls / Gobi / Paneer / Chicken / Prawns / Fish

Chilli Garlic Style... Dry (or) Wet

Chilli & Garlic flavoured sauce made with a blend of Indian spices

Veg / Paneer / Gobi / Egg / Chicken / Lamb / Prawns / Fish

Sichuan Style... Dry (or) Wet

Blend with renowned spices of sichuan region

Veg / Paneer / Gobi / Chicken / Lamb / Prawns / Fish


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